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It turns out that not every weight loss solution works for every overweight person in the world.  In fact, if you’re morbidly obese, almost none of the trendy fads you see in magazines are going to do a thing for you- nor should they, since your situation is far from what the creators of these fad diets and slimming programs had in mind when they marketed their products. No, what you need is a combination of techniques, supervision of a doctor, and the right attitude that will serve you for the long haul- that’s the smart recipe for success if you’re at least 50kg overweight. For a quick run-down of the most popular weight loss solutions tailored just for morbidly obese people, read on.   Chances are, you’ll find one or a combo of them that’s perfect for you.  


#1.  Prevention

Of course prevention is a good way to combat obesity, but chances are if you’re reading this, it’s too late for much of that.  This is more of a pubic health solution, and important as it is, it’s not going to work for you alone.


#2.  Keep a Healthy Perspective

When you need to drop a lot of weight, you have a long haul ahead of you.  Stay motivated by celebrating your wins instead of simply picturing yourself in a sexy swimsuit on the beach.  That’s a while in the future, and you’ll end up frustrated if that’s your only goal. Celebrate being able to climb the stairs again.  Celebrate cooking your own meals.  Celebrate walking to the corner store.  Celebrate tying your own shoes…whatever progress you’ve made is cause for congratulations.  You’re getting healthier day by day even if you’re still way overweight.


#3.  Join a Support Group

Sometimes it feels like nobody gets what it’s like to be morbidly obese, not even your doctor.  Diet plans and exercise routines are designed for overweight people, not morbidly obese people.  But there are people who understand, of course, and you’ll find them in support groups. By reaching out to other morbidly obese people and sharing or listening, you should be better able to cope with all the challenges you face on the road to reaching a healthy weight.


#4.  Slimming Programs

You may have joined a 12-step program for weight loss.  These can, in some instances work for people like you.  Other slimming programs, however, like The Zone or the Atkins Diet, are a different story.  You probably discovered what other people who need to lose 50 kg or more discovered: many of those diet plans are for people who only need to lose a little bit of weight.  They were not designed for morbidly obese people like you.

Perhaps you tried a infrared therapy for weight loss.  This consists of exposing your body to infrared light daily, either in a tanning bed setup or by sitting in front of a light.  This method is supposed to burn calories and reduce cellulite.

There is no scientific evidence that red light therapy works for weight loss.  The only thing you can count on with this controversial technique is that you’ll lose some water weight.  What’s happening is dehydration, not weight loss!


#5.  Start With the Little Things

When you’re tens of kilos overweight and technically classified as morbidly obese, the normal rules of exercising don’t apply.  Sometimes even doctors forget that the morbidly obese are a special population, who need special rules for losing weight.

Just standing up long enough to take a shower is a struggle.  Therefore, to begin “exercising”, just focus on the small things in your daily routine.  You be the one to pick up that dropped pencil instead of always asking someone else to do it.  Or try moving your body around more, any time you can.  Walk out the front door of your home and try to make it a little further each week.  Eventually you’ll make it to the corner, or around the entire yard, or even around the block.

Take it one small step at at a time, but don’t neglect the importance of moving your body every day, getting yourself in shape slowly but surely.  Soon, you’ll make it up the stairs without huffing and puffing, or out to the street without struggle.


#6.  Lifestyle Changes: Appropriate Ones!

For people who are morbidly obese, the suggestion of incorporating  few lifestyle changes can be infuriating.  Upping the level of exercise or drastically cutting calories simply aren’t an option, and most people don’t even realise this.

For a morbidly obese person to set a goal of 1,200 calories per day, which is a typical dieting goal, he or she would probably end up in the hospital.  A person who needs to drop 50 kg or more needs a lot of calories to survive.  This further illustrates how losing weight is an entirely different prospect for someone who’s morbidly obese, than for someone who’s simply overweight.

Furthermore, adding more exercise to the weekly routine of a morbidly obese person is something that rarely goes as planned.  Someone who weighs 200kg can’t simply join a gym and watch the pounds drop off.

When you’re that obese, it’s hard to even walk across the room, much less walk around the block or get on a treadmill.  Admittedly, exercise is crucial at every juncture, but refer back to Method #5 Start With the Little Things on ways to appropriately and safely incorporate more physical activity in the daily routine.


#7.  Bariatric Surgery

For many morbidly obese people who’ve tried everything on this list, weight loss surgery (called Bariatric Surgery in the medical field) ends up becoming the most appropriate option.  In fact, one of the criteria for becoming a candidate for bariatric surgery is that you have exhausted all other options.

Why?  Because surgery is a big deal and brings with it all the typical risks associated with surgery.  But for many people, this is the only thing that works when you need to drop any significant amount of weight.



Most importantly, remember, always do everything under direct supervision of a doctor.  That goes for each and every weight loss solution you’ve seen here today.

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