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We are Malaysia’s leading site on bariatric surgery and weight loss surgeries. By having an extensive list of articles related to bariatric procedures, we aim to help you get a better understanding of this topic. In fact, we collaborate with some of the top surgeons in Malaysia to assist and consult you on this procedure. Contact us today with your questions, and we’ll assist you as best as we can. Not only that, should you require further professional advise, we can recommend the most relevant doctor to consult with you.


About The Hospital

Our patients have a choice of 3 hospitals when it comes to deciding which hospital will the bariatric procedure be performed. They have the option of iHeal Medical Centre, Sunway Medical Centre and Prince Court Medical Centre. The decision is usually dependent on the patient’s preference and budget.

Each of the hospitals are well equipped, and comes with a team of friendly & professional nurses. You will have peace of mind during your stay there.


About The Articles

Most of our articles are contributed by specialists in the bariatric field. If you’re a medical professional in this field, and would like to contribute your articles and white papers to be published on our site, we welcome you to contact us about this. The following articles are contributed by one of our contributing doctor, Dato’ Dr Tikfu Gee.

Is Bariatric Surgery for You?

Comparison Of Bariatric Procedures

Pre Surgery Preparation

Post Surgery Care

Post Surgery Ongoing Diet

What Bariatric Surgery Can Or Cannot Do

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