How To Choose Your Bariatric Doctor

Although bariatric surgery is not considered a high risk surgery (because it is usually done via laparoscopic incisions, which is minimally invasive), nevertheless it still is surgery.  It is therefore that you choose your doctor correctly.

Here are a few points to consider when deciding which doctor to go for.


1. Where is the procedure carried out?

Although most doctors are based at a hospital, there are also those that are clinic based.  The location that you choose should be able to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to both pre and post surgery treatment.  This is because getting a bariatric surgery done does not only involve your bariatric surgeon, but also other specialists as well such as dietician, cardiologist, nutritionist, psychologist, etc.  Typically a team approach will be used in the pre and post surgical phases.  A clinic based doctor cannot provide all this specialised professional support.

Also, should there be any complications arising, a clinic might not be well equipped to handle those situations, as compared to a hospital.

Don’t be afraid to ask about the facilities. In fact, if you’re game for it, ask to get a tour of the facility.


2. What is the doctor’s experience?

Although bariatric procedures are minimally invasive, you should not take it too lightly either.  In fact, it should be one of the most important criteria for you to consider.

Perhaps the biggest issues that you need to look at is the experience that the doctor has had in performing this type of surgery, as well as how much overall bariatric surgical experience he or she has (how many of this type of surgeries has he or she performed).

Although new doctors can do a terrific job, those with more experience are likely to be able to respond better to complications once the surgery begins. Hopefully this would not be an issue, however it is always better to have experience than a non-experienced surgeon.


3. Specific procedure training

There are different types of bariatric procedures and it is important to know that the technique that your doctor is planning is also one in which she or he is fully trained and certified in.


4. Past patients testimonial

A doctor that has a lot of experience will have a lot of past patients that are more than willing to sit down and chat with a you, whether in person, online or phone. In most places, this is provided and even encouraged, just as you may be asked to consult or talk to a prospective patient after you complete your procedure. Doctors that seem unable or unwilling to provide information on past patients may not have a lot of satisfied patients.


5. Your gut instinct

You are basically placing your health and life at the hand of your bariatric doctor. Make sure that it’s someone you feel comfortable with, and someone you can trust. Regardless of the qualifications, cost and experience, if you do not feel comfortable with him or her, then choose someone else.


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