What To Ask Your Bariatric Doctor

If you have ever thought about having weight loss surgery and have done some research, the next step for you is to schedule an appointment with your bariatric specialist.  During your first consultation with your bariatric doctor, it’s your opportunity to ask him/her any questions that you have.

Since it’s very important to get as much information as possible, you need to prepare some questions beforehand.  A good idea is to make a written list of questions to ask your doctor and keep notes on their answers. Here are some of the questions you may wish to ask:  


1. How much experience have you had in bariatric procedures (both in number of years and number of patients operated on)?
2. What specific training or certification does the doctor have?
3. Is the hospital or clinic that you’re being operated in be equipped for any emergencies or complications?
4. Which procedure would the doctor recommend given your weight loss goals, health and other factors?
5. What is the full cost of the recommended procedure including all follow-ups?
6. What is a realistic expectation after undergoing the procedure?
7. What type of support is given or available after undergoing the procedure (counselling, support groups, etc)?


There may be other specific questions that you have either about the process or the hospital or surgeon.

It is always important to research as much as you can about the process so you know what questions to ask at the first meeting.


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